Demo 2014

by Black Celebration

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Recorded by Dewey Raposo and Black Celebration.
Engineered, Mixed, Diddled by Dewey Raposo.


released April 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Black Celebration Providence, Rhode Island

Former and Current Members of Bones Brigade, Lowlife, Concrete Facelift, Deathwish, SDS.

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Track Name: Intro/Abandonment Bulldozer
lets have a black celebration./

i'm on a warpath. removing, rebuilding. there's nothing left. destroying, still killing. push away everyone, close off everything. what am i doing? destroying everything. i'm on a warpath, cause it's all that i have. get the fuck out of my face, never needed it anyway.
still fading, erasing. still killing, still hating.
and that's the way i've always done it. push away before i'm punished. it's the way i'll always be. the fucking death of me.
Track Name: Fool's Gold
you can't have what's mine. i've spent too much time. to build up whats here. and i know soon you'll fucking disappear.
so crawl back. you fall out. wear the mask. your called out. you can't have what isn't yours. so fall back off the board.
liar. fake.
Track Name: Life Leech
i'm outside, you're alive. get inside, i half died. i'd rather die alone than share my world with you. tax my time, suck my life. human leech, time is tried. where there is hate, there is where 'love you' used to be.
Track Name: Capitalism's Daughter
born on our deathbed its always the same. safety first, guns ablaze. take my life, take me away. i never had one anyway. i'll take off her head any day. this is a nightmare, that's never going away. life long nightmare, never going away.
Track Name: R.M.R.
you run like sores. you're fucking infected. i'm still bored. i'll see the resurrection. the testament, the sacrilege, the precipice, the deficit. i'll kill the motherfucking rest of it. god's not on your side, your faith is a lie. so take your fucking book of fallacy somewhere else. i'm perfectly fine burning in a make believe hell. god sells, i'm not buying. false hell, now stop lying.
Track Name: Aneurysm (Nirvana Cover)
come on over and do the twist. over do it and have a fit. love you so much it makes me sick. come on over and do the twist. beat me outta me. beat it. beat it. come on over and do the twist. over do it and have a fit. love you so much it makes me sick. come on over and shoot the shit. beat me outta me. beat it. beat it.
she keeps the pumpin' straight to my heart.
Track Name: Outro
let's have a black celebration.